Current menu

V - vegan B - glutan free P - spicy
* possible vegan or glutan free version

we cook till 21:30 (mon-sat) or 20:30 (sun)

we serve a la carte after 15h form Monday till Friday

whole day during weekend


czech smelly chesse pickled with red pepper, homemade pickles, bred (B*) 78 Kč
chick pea tempeh pate with bread and homemade sambal, bread (V,B*, P*) 78 Kč
large olives and feta cheese with celery pesto, pastry (B*) 85 Kč

soups and smaller dishes

coconut soup champignons, red onion, fried tofu and fresh cilantro (V, B) 69 Kč
griled vegetable served with feta cheese and small rocket salad with roasted almonds (V*, B*) 129 Kč
portobello mashroom stuffed with sun dry tomatoes and goat cheese, salad, baguette (V*, B) 129 Kč
eggplant twists served with cashew nuts cheese, salad and baguette 135 Kč


small salad witt rocket and frissé, lemon - basil dressing, roasted almonds (V, B) 68 Kč
large warm salad with red rice, broccoli, chard and grilled vegatable, marinated tofu, till sauce (V, B) 152 Kč
large warm salad with black lentil, marinated tempeh, chard, red pepper, tamari sauce (V, B) 156 Kč

Mlsná kavka speciality

nasi goreng - indonesian dish - mixture of vegetable and fried tofu in peanut-ginger sauce, fried rice (V, B, P) 172 Kč

main courses

puttanesca - fresh pasta linguine with tomatoes, capers, olives, chilli and Grana padano cheese (P) 168 Kč
stir fry - bit hot vegetable wok with marinated tofu, homemade pickles, red rice or noodles  (V*, B*, P*) 179 Kč
portobello mashroom burger with homemade pickles, till sauce and homemade fries, ketchup 182 Kč
cheese - tempeh burger served with homemade pickles, soyaneisse with grilled onion, fries 186 Kč

for kids

pasta in tomatoe sauce with grana padano cheese 75 Kč
fried balls with beet root and homemade fries, ketchup 75 Kč