About us

Mlsná kavka (Picky Jackdaw) is a non-smoking vegetarian restaurant in Prague, which combines quality vegetarian meals with occupation for people less-favored on the labor market under one roof and in one kitchen. It was founded as a joint project of Green Doors and Filip Kavka Smiggels. In Mlsná kavka (Picky Jackdaw), you can choose from inspiring dishes prepared from fresh foods and ingredients. Every season we prepare a new menu assembled from seasonal ingredients. On Sundays we have Brunches - a charming culinary event, rich and varied snacks that you can enjoy after walking through morning Prague.

Civic Association Green Doors brought the concept of training cafes to the Czech Republic, where people with mental illness can regain self-confidence and skills important to return to the open labor market. Green Doors is great in creating a pleasant space in their training cafes, connecting the world of ordinary people with the world of those who have gone through mental illness. Our world is full of colors and fragrances. Those who hear, feel and see something else than others also belong to this world, just like our colorful and fragrant restaurant.

Chef Filip Kavka Smiggels comes from the Netherlands, but love brought him to the Czech Republic. In the Netherlands he has gained rich experience in one of the best vegetarian restaurants, in Kop van het Land. In the Czech Republic he established a successful catering business. The paths of Filip Kavka Smiggels and Green Doors crossed for the first time in Cafe Na půl cesty and in Club v Jelení 5 years ago.

In Mlsná kavka:
  • family is on our mind: vegetable food for kids, children's area
  • regular sunday brunches
  • catering for your personal or company events

Right next to Mlsná kavka you can find a fair trade shop, run by our project partner - Ekumenická akademie Praha (EAP). If you like quality tea and coffee, you'll be pleased with their offer. EAP supplies coffee, tea and other goods to our restyaurant.